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Uzair Ali
Uzair Ali

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Change Order Blogs in a Series

Feature request

Creator or Author should be able to organize or change order of posts in a Series


We should be able to change order of posts as per our convince in a series

Why is it needed?

Currently whenever i create a blog post series the blog which i published 3 days ago pops up on top of the series however i want the ope which i published today to be on top.

Thus user should be able to change order of blogs in series

Discussion (2)

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In my opinion, this is a bad practice from the reader's point of view.
If each creator has a different sort order, how is the reader supposed to navigate through the sort orders of different creators?

Nevertheless, I support the idea of sorting the posts. I suppose such sorting could be a feature of the reader's user interface settings (but not the creator's!).

Have a nice day!

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Uzair Ali Author

I belive u didn't understand my suggestion well