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Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez

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FORUM Update: The first POS Social Network

What's up guys! I just wanted to give yall an update on HEADLINE FORUM, the blockchain-based social network I'm building. We are almost ready for beta testing. The model is pretty simple, POS - Proof-of-stake, means that possession of the token HDL (which runs FORUM) will not only foster constructive communication, but will also weed out bad actors by giving users an incentive to see the platform succeed. The HDL token is based on the Algorand blockchain, and the landing page instructs the user to log into MyAlgo, the opensource Algorand wallet. FORUM automatically checks the associated Algorand address's HDL balance to make sure the HDL balance is above the pre-determined limit for entry. It's all automated so the user is immediately directed to the next sign in page if the balance check clears. Every new sign-in requires a balance check first to ensure the user has a proof-of-stake incentive to use the platform.

You can check out the operational landing page yourself at to see how we did it. The current build is for demo only and not properly integrated with the standard Forem login page. We are looking to hire a Ruby expert from Toptal next week to help us optimize/customize everything in preparation for the official beta test. I'm also going to have someone take a look at our current backend, built on Render, to see if it will need any optimization for scalability.

I think it's interesting that our current build (on Render) is considerably different from the standard Forem self-host option, and I need to find out if that puts us at a disadvantage in anyway. I know I had said previously I would assist in the documentation for a Render build, but it's been dreadfully busy and I have not yet found the time. But I may be able to in the future still. Well, that's all for now.

Take care guys!

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I like this! MetaMask auth would also be create. I think Forem will support the ability for forem devs to safely add this in a market place in the future. Keep us posted

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Michael Tharrington

This is really awesome! I've not seen a Forem pull off authentication like this before. I realize this isn't the standard self-host route, but very cool that you figured this out!