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Difficulty deploying Forem

First of all, thank you so much for developing such amazing software. It is on my list of the most awesome software that I have found since I joined the web community. And I feel sad that I don't know Ruby to contribute to the code.

Getting back to the point, I have made several failed attempts to deploy Forem on a server. I know that this beautiful software is not yet ready for self-hosting but I couldn't wait. I have been trying to deploy it since it was known as just

As a web developer and with somehow strong skills in the Unix operating system, I have a lot of trust in my abilities. I always try deploying the software but I give up when a complex issue arises. Even using the container methods, I hit snags. Once I hit a snag, I get back to my routine schedule (as I am a freelance web developer) but I give it a try again after a month or two. Obviously, I fail again.

I opened an issue at GitHub where I received very appreciating responses. Especially, thanks to @jdoss who pointed me here. I'm writing this post to let the community know that this software is extremely valuable and we are strongly looking forward to using it.

So did anyone else also find this to be over-complicated? Will the community behind Forem make this awesome software easy to deploy on a server? We are really looking forward to seeing an open-sourced software with easy installation instructions. Thank you so much for bringing this awesome software for us.

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Akhil Naidu

Forem team provided enough documentation on various aspects except for the making it production-ready.

As you mentioned that you are familiar with UNIX and if you want to test Forem in your local PC, there are few guides in this Forem Instance itself.

If you are familiar with Docker, I wrote an article on how to have your testing instance, click here for more details.

Also, there is one more series, which includes installing Forem in Ubuntu natively, click here for this series. This series is yet to finish, but the author is updating his posts quite frequently.

If you are not interested in the local instance, i.e., the Development Instance and prefer to have your Production Instance, I would like you to follow up with this as I already raised a similar concern and got a reply through the comment section. click hereto view ben's reply.

If you still have any concerns, mention them, so that it will clear your concerns and will also help others to acquire some extra info.