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Ravi Krishnappa
Ravi Krishnappa

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Summary too long error in profile update

I joined the today and wanted to share my background with fellow forem members. While saving, it gave an error "Summary too long" but it doesn't tell where to stop.

Many softwares show a real time count of characters as we type to warn us. should also implement it.

There can also be a short background and a detailed background field.

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Akhil Naidu

Can I have glims at the long article of yours. I surprised that such an error even pops up :p

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Christina Gorton

I don't think it is for an article @akhil . If I'm not mistaken this error happens when the summary (Bio) on is too long.

I agree @ravikrishnappa a word count indication either before you start typing or at least in the error would be helpful.

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Akhil Naidu • Edited

For some reason, I was thinking about the posts block in Twitter and thought it might be the same case here.

Now I realised that Forem is not a micro-blogging platform like Twitter.

Update: rather than saying, "realised."; re-iterated would be more apt :p