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Ravi Krishnappa
Ravi Krishnappa

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Building on top of Forem and both show the content in the same style.
Are there examples where the content is shown in a totally different layout or format?

I have a community site in mind where I want members to share their common interests in a person (Their high school Math teacher), an institute (Their local community hospital), an interest (Focus on Lord of the Rings), a hobby (toy trains), a video game (Dungeon and Dragons), a city (San Diego) etc.

I want to explore how to start a subject and link People-Places-Events. For example, When someone mentions Mr.Derek Thomson was her favorite Chemistry teacher at HHS, Cupertino, A different member should be able to link Derek as a classmate of his father Dr Roberts Smith at AHS, Fremont during 1977-80.

These relationships between people and places should be nurtured to add more content.

I'm looking for some examples. Initially, I thought I should build everything myself but Forem platform has too many things already builtin.

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Ben Halpern • Edited

We don't have radically different styles outside of colors and some imagery, for the main flow, but there is a lot you can do with pages such as what we do for events like

We are looking into other customizations, though, in the future.