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Nick Taylor
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Parcel for the Forem Browser Extension?

I just opened an issue in the Forem browser extension repostiory.

Add parcel to the project #17

Parcel is web application bundler that out of the box has zero configuration.

Although we use webpack in the forem code base, it would be nice to consider a different more modern bundler. The main reason we use webpack in the Forem code base is because of it's integration with Rails via webpacker. It also ships with Rails 6.

In browser extension land, we do not have this constraint.

I have a proof of concept that I will post sometime this week as a draft PR to show how it all comes together, but feel free to let us know what you think about using Parcel.

What are your thoughts/experience on using Parcel in a web application or browser extension?

A proof of concept draft PR is up for anyone interested in taking this for a test drive.

Add Parcel Bundler #35

This is a proof of concept, but it is complete and can be merged should we decide to go with Parcel. The bundler is zero configuration so the cognitive load to use this bundler is pretty low compared to webpack.

Using the bundler gives us minified JavaScript, source maps and hot reloading. As well it allows us to use ES modules.

Implements #17.

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