Can the hero banner campaign be displayed on article views?

lee profile image Lee ・1 min read

Hey there. Anyone know if the hero banner campaign can be set to appear on all pages? I think at present it appears on the homefeed only.

Thanks 🙏🏽


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Paweł Ludwiczak

That's probably technically possible (but don't quote me on that :)) with some coding.. But the question is if that makes sense from product perspective: think of, for example, "Write a post" view which is very different from other views - I'm not sure if banner would look good there. But I am sure there're couple other special snowflakes like that..

May I ask you a question about the reason? Maybe there's some other "globally-enabled" solution that could serve your needs?

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Lee Author

Thanks for the reply Pawel. Yeah I totally get you. I was thinking more about the consumption pages, so probably just the article view. I'll update the title. :D