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Mailchimp unsubscribes checkup

Hey there,

I know we have had a few issues in the past with the onboarding process not subscribing members to the mailchimp newsletter properly.

Onboarding Email Opt-In Not Working #12138

Describe the bug

My opt-in to receive the newsletter + digest is not saved during onboarding. I know this because I didn't receive a welcome email, Mailchimp said I was unsubscribed, and when I visit settings/notifications, it displays that I am not opted-in to either emails. In order to subscribe to both, I need to re-select the boxes from settings/notifications and save from there.

To Reproduce

  1. visit /onboarding on a forem
  2. opt-in to emails
  3. go to settings/notifications
  4. observe that you are not opted-in to emails

Expected behavior

I expect to be subscribed to emails when I opt-in to them.

Additional context

This was happening to me on a non-DEV forem. I believe it's also happening on other forems:

I just wanted to check that when I am seeing the below, that members are actually unsubscribing and this isn't a bug.


Thank you!

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Andy Zhao

Hey Lee! I think what's happening here is that on the backend, we create the user subscribed to Mailchimp to start, and then when they go through onboarding they unsubscribe (probably in the same minute they created their account). I'll double check this, but I don't think this is a bug. :)

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Great thanks for checking Andy

lee profile image

Hey there, just giving this a bump :D

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Michael Tharrington

Thanks for the bump! I can confirm that I've pointed this issue to the team and hopefully someone more technical than myself can weigh in here to confirm where we're at.