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Casey 💎
Casey 💎

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Feature Request: Scheduling Posts

User would like to be able to schedule a post by selecting a time and date for said post to go live

This could be added as a button, "Schedule Post" or added in the "post options"


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Haruka Sato (佐藤陽花) • Edited on

I wanna the feature, very and very, and think it is useful to plans on advent calendar(and now soon begins!).
Also in Qiita, participants of "AdventCalendar" can book some posts since 2015, like this feature(cf:今年はAdventCalendarで予約投稿することができます).

the qiita feature use "限定共有投稿"("Limited Shared Submission") as booking, the UI is like this::


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Suzanne Aitchison

I don't know if you've come across this already, but a community member made an API/extension for exactly this on DEV: PublishTo.Dev: Scheduling article publishing on

It's definitely a feature a lot of users would value 😄

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Christina Gorton

Thank you for this feature request. We have moved your request to Forem’s Github Discussions where the community can better collaborate with our product and engineering teams. You can read more about the decision to use Github Discussions in this post.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

I would like this as an optional function for admins to toggle on/off on their sites rather than a default for all users on all Forems. Seems to me like the kind of feature that should be up to admins to allow.