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Forem Progress and expectations for the rest of the year and into 2021

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・2 min read

Hey folks, I wanted to touch base on a few things in the works.

  • We've been rolling out some early hosted partner forems, both public and private and with lots of interesting use cases. Form here for getting involved: https://airtable.com/shrdBbyD9eosMNQef
  • As soon as we can we'll make this general rollout, but it will still take a bit of time.
  • In 2021 we'll work on making it much easier to self-host. In the meantime it still is not the smoothest situation.
  • The browser extension is live https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/forem/dnncmjdcbcccmddpebibkolaflnakklo but we won't be promoting it much until we have a couple more key features in place (such as notification icons)
  • The Forem iOS app is looking great. We are refactoring the functionality such that single-Forem apps can ingest the Forem view library, but putting most of our effort into this main "Forem" app. It's our feelings that Forems should ideally be embedded into apps with further functionality or that folks should use standalone browsers, like our Forem app, but that fully standalone Forem apps are unlikely the be the best thing because users just don't want a dozen different native apps.
  • iOS gets a little more love than Android because Apple is slower with progressive apps, so native needs to be prioritized, but we'll have Android in the works once iOS goes live.
  • We'll have the beginnings of a forem.com app which will help smooth out certain processes with Forem creators and eventually end users if they choose to auth with Forem. (Any "centralized" components will always be optional)
  • The main priority for our team between now and the end of the year strengthening our underlying code for a lot of momentum in 2021.
  • We'll have the finalized Forem brand by the end of this year. Everything you're seeing now is placeholder.

It's been exciting to see the progress of late!


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Simon Holdorf

Great to see things going forward with forem, keep rollin' :)

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Thanks for the update! Very exciting!!

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Amazing stuff

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