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Is Forem planning to become something like WordPress?

I mean and also the open-source version. The dot com version unifies several blogs and can expand the reach, meanwhile everyone can create a WordPress blog using the open source version.

Right now I find it very difficult to install Forem for someone without a lot of technical knowledge and I'm wondering if there would be a day where it would be as easy as installing WP.

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I suggest @jdoss 's A big day for Forem Systems post:

We want the FSS to be flexible to let Forem self-hosters run a community as cheaply as possible while keeping the community's data safe.

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Ben Halpern

Yup, and the "Forem Cloud" version will be a quick install with no technical knowledge required.... Self-host as easily as possible with containerization of everything needed, or host with us and you get the whole magoo with a few clicks... It'll be a while before it's totally automated, but we're making our progress.

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“Whole magoo” is all I got from this 🤓

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woohoo hope it's available in this years