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Forem Browser Extension v0.1.3 is live



The most notable change is probably the new branding we are starting to roll out with Forem 🌱

Here is the code

GitHub logo forem / forem-browser-extension

The Forem browser extension which allows users to seamlessly navigate between communities.

Forem Browser Extension 🌱

Do you visit multiple Forems and wish there was an easier way to switch between them? Wish no more: the Forem browser plugin places a sidebar along the left side of your browser window to which you can add shortcuts to your favorite or more frequently visited Forems!

To use: install the plugin for your browser of choice from the plugin stores below, and visit any Forem instance to get started. Click the '+' icon to add a shortcut to the Forem you're currently viewing to the sidebar. Shortcuts can be dragged to rearrange them, or clicking the '-' button will remove a Forem from the sidebar.


The easiest way is to install from the browser marketplace of your choice:

Chrome: Chrome Web Store

Firefox: Firefox Add Ons

Safari: Mac App Store

As an alternative, you can build and install the plugin locally (great for…

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Akhil Naidu

Am I looking at the new logo of Forem 😍