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Backup of Their Exchange email Exchange(EDB) In a Outlook (PST) file

Any business that uses Exchange Server knows that it is a very secure tool that can't be hacked or got into without permission. for which the user keeps a backup of their Exchange email (an EDB file) in a PST file? The Internet is full of tools and solutions that can help users easily and safely change EDB files to PST files for Outlook.

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The steps below will show you how to convert an EDB file to a PST file. This is a simple and easy way to get your Exchange database into Outlook. But before we do that, let's talk about why we need to change from EDB to PST.

Main Reasons to Change from EDB to PST

It is not possible for a user to directly open an EDB data file saved on the server. This means that when the server goes down for repair, the work might stop. It's a good idea to back up
Exchange Server to PST

As the amount of EDB data grows, it puts more stress on the computer and can also stop work. So, changing an EDB file to a PST file makes the service less busy.
If the EDB file is damaged, you can't get to the data inside it. However, the data can be recovered by importing the EDB file into PST.

A PST file can be saved anywhere in the machine, but an EDB file on the server needs to be managed and has a lot of space.
Aside from this, people and businesses also change EDB to PST for other main reasons.

How to Convert Exchange EDB to Outlook PST and Why It's Useful?

The two ways to convert an EDB file are very different, as you can do it by hand or with professional tools. Users can't change large, multiple, or corrupted mailboxes by hand, but a professional option is an application that is fully designed to do this.
Any way you look at it, you can do a safe transfer if you have a Health Exchange database.

Convert EDB to PST by Manual Method

_I want to tell you that you can't do this until you have been given permission to extract PST files from the EDB mailbox. Also, it can't turn the EDB data file that is damaged.
To begin, download and run the ExMerge Tool from Microsoft.
Click the "Next" button, then choose "Extract or Import" (a two-step process), and then click "Next."
When asked, choose

"Step 1: Remove data from Exchange Server mailbox" and click "Next."

Type in your Exchange Server credentials and click on Next. Then, go to the Data Selection Criteria screen and click on the Import Process tab. Pick the choice to collect data from the target store >> Press OK.
Now pick out the mailboxes you want to move to PST. Press Next, then Destination Path, and finally Next.
If you want to stop the export process, click the Finish button.

Problems with converting EDB to PST by Manual

Someone can't move an EDB file that's bigger than 2 GB.
To move files to PST, the software needs full permissions.
You can't use an EDB mailbox that is damaged or stored.
There is no way to be sure that mailboxes will be moved in the same folder arrangement.

A Simple Way to Backup EDB files into Outlook PST

The DataVare Exchange EDB to PST Converter Tool can be used to move Exchange files to Outlook PST. This GUI application program makes it easy to move data from EDB to Outlook PST format. It moves all of your email, contacts, calendar events, tasks, and other data.
The software doesn't need MS Outlook or Exchange Server, and you don't need to know any technical stuff to convert EDB to PST.

How to Change an EDB File to an Outlook PST File

  • Get the DataVare EDB to PST Converter Tool, install it, and then use it on Windows OS.
  • Then click "Add EDB file" and choose where you want to add the mailbox.

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  • Browse to where you want to save your email to a new PST file or close the PST file.

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  • As the software works to convert EDB to PST, wait for this message to appear. After that, you can open Outlook with the changed EDB file.

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In conclusion

I have given you information on how to convert from EDB to PST the easy way, by hand. Now, use any of the methods mentioned to read and move your EDB data file. You can also try the EDB to PST Converter Free Demo and export 25 things from each mailbox.

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