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EDB to PST Converter to Export Exchange EDB to Outlook PST

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This article is for you if you have an Exchange Database (EDB) and you wish to convert it to an Outlook PST file for whatever reason. After following this article, you can transfer Exchange EDB to Outlook PST with ease

Everybody knows how to utilize the Exchange Server for more than just sending and receiving mail. Users desire to convert Exchange EDB to Outlook PST for their purposes after storing their data in EDB files. We'll go over a professional EDB to PST converter in this article. We will also be aware of the possibility of doing this work manually. Stick with the blog through to the conclusion and finish the assignment.

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What are the justifications for converting an EDB file to a PST file?

• Users transfer EDB to PST files to have a backup in the PST file format, which frees up storage space for EDB data.
• Users only need to add PST files to any Outlook account to view the data.
• PST file data storage facilitates simple access.

Is it Possible to Convert EDB to PST by Manual?

Yes, there is a manual method for converting EDB to PST files, however it is rather sophisticated and time-consuming. I am still providing the instructions for your assistance.
By means of the Exchange Admin Center

Enter the Exchange Admin Center login

• In the left pane's authorizations, choose Admin Roles, Recipient Handling >> (+).
• Role Group>> (+).
• Select the "Mailbox Import Export" option. Include>>Alright.
• Select Mailbox Import Export under Recipient Management.
• Addressees>>Mailboxes>> Choose anything to put in the mailbox.
• Now, choose the Export to a PST file option by choosing the (..) more option.
• Use the "Browse" button to look through a mailbox. Next.
• Give the Shared folder a path.
• Choose or browse the mailbox from which PST-converted emails will be exported.
• When you click Finish at the end, your conversion operation is finished.

Things to Consider Before Using the Manual Method:

• Technically, exporting EDB to PST by hand should be doable for you.
• If your mailbox is enormous, it will take a long time to complete.
• Furthermore, this is limited in size and displays problems for enormous mailboxes.
• There is always a chance of human mistakes, so proceed with caution.

Do you Require a Skilled EDB to PST Converter?

An error-free and effective program for converting EDB to PST file format is what every expert desires. The DataVare EDB to PST Converter Tool was created by DataVare Software in response to user needs.

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It provides several features to make the conversion from EDB to PST easier-

• To convert EDB to PST, users can upload numerous EDB files of any size.
• Before being converted to PST file format, damaged EDB files can be recovered using the DataVare EDB to PST Converter Tool.
• Additionally, it can export EDB to Live Exchange and Office 365.
• In addition to PST files, users can store items as MSG, EML, HTML, and vCard files.
• Exchange Server and all Windows operating system editions are suitable with DataVare EDB to PST Converter.
• The utility also has a filter facility and a capability similar to an incremental export function.
• Both the data integrity and the structure of folders are preserved by this software.
• Using the DataVare EDB to PST Converter, users can get free technical help.
• The EDB to PST export will begin, and the entire report will be shown.


The correct procedure to convert EDB files to PST files has been described in this blog. Furthermore described is a competent EDB to PST converter. Although a manual approach is also described, experts do not make use of this tool. You may get a trial version for free of this tool as well. Customers using DataVare EDB to PST Converter can also take advantage of free technical assistance.

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