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How Do I Open EML File In Outlook OWA?

Are you trying to find a dependable way to get an EML file opened in Outlook OWA? If so, this is where your search ends. Because using the EML to PST converter is the ideal and conclusive way to quickly answer this question, you will discover in this lesson the two finest ways to manually import an EML file into Outlook.

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Microsoft Corporation created email messages, or EML as they are known. Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora Mail, and numerous more email clients can all open EML files by default. But when we try to access an EML file in Outlook, something goes wrong.

Justification for EML File Import With Outlook

β€’ While PST files store all mailbox data, including email messages, contacts, calendars, journals, notes, and other mailbox data, EML files just include a single email message.
β€’ EML files corrupt more easily than other file formats, the research claims.
β€’ The chore of managing a large number of EML files is really difficult.
β€’ While PST offers strong password protection to shield mailbox data from other culpable users, EML lacks file-locking options.

How Can I Manually Open An EML File In Outlook OWA?

if you have some EML files and a functioning Outlook profile. Next, use Outlook's drag-and-drop functionality to resolve this issue. Now, without further ado, let's examine the fix.

β€’ Launch Outlook and add a new folder.
β€’ Examine and add EML files to the program's panel.
β€’ Drag the mouse cursor to the Outlook folder while holding it over the chosen EML file.
β€’ EML files have now all been transferred to Outlook.

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Why Do Professionals Never Use Manual Approaches?

β€’ In Outlook, EML files show up as attachments. Drag and drop is therefore a bad choice.
β€’ Using drag-and-drop increases the chance of data loss significantly.
β€’ It takes strong technical abilities to put this solution into practice.
β€’ The bulk import of EML files is prohibited by this guide.
β€’ Outlook installation is required for this solution to function.

How Can I Use An Expert Approach To Import An EML File Into Outlook OWA?

If you've never used the manual method before and wish to get beyond all of its difficulties. Then, as DataVare EML To PST Converter is the fastest and best option for converting huge EML files without any restrictions, we advise you to use it. A strong algorithm was used to finish this tool development so that the result was correct and there was no information leakage.

Steps to Convert EML to PST files

β€’ On your Windows PC, install and run the EML Converter.
β€’ Examine EML files and add them to the program's interface.

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β€’ Select the PST option by tapping on it from the several options for saving.
β€’ To finish the procedure, browse to the intended output location and click "Convert".

Final Thoughts

We have covered every step of the process in the explanation to open an EML file in Outlook OWA. As a result, we covered both the expert and manual methods of handling this request in the piece above. You can handle this issue manually if you have a small number of EML files; otherwise, you can use automated tools.

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