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Sample Pages: /about

We recommend you create an /about page for your Forem as soon as you spin it up. It helps new members learn about the purpose of the community and the values that drive it. Seeing the faces behind names really helps deepen relationships, and can nurture trust and accountability.

As much as we would love you to share the paragraph about Forem in your /about page, we also respect that this is your Forem. Please feel encouraged but not expected to write something along these lines!

What this community is here for, and who it is for. Why we are making a contribution to the community we serve/what needs we meet or pain points we soothe are.

We are powered by Forem, an open source application, meaning you can inspect every little detail of the code, or chip in yourself! Forem empowers community by fostering thoughtful connection, learn more here.


Forem loves transparency, so we encourage you to consider adding a photo of each of your leadership.

Who runs your company, and what drives them?


Consider adding a photo of your team.

Our team is located here/there/all over the world. What is your team's mission or a unifying goal?

If you'd like to join us, we invite you to review our current openings of course, replace with your company hiring page, otherwise you'll be recruiting for Forem 😉.

The markdown for this page is available in our Open Resources repo here.

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