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Bob Fornal
Bob Fornal

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Dashboard Sort and Filter

I have hundreds of articles on DEV.TO. I subscribe to the article creation theory of letting my research go on dozens of directions at once. Once a week I choose a good article to publish.

Locating my unpublished articles becomes more and more painful. I’ve adopted a strategy of prefixing three stars that I can find visually.

The older theses articles are the more chance they get lost.

Is there a reason we can’t:

  1. Sort by Article Title?
  2. Filter to Published or Unpublished articles only?

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Christina Gorton

Thank you for this feature request. Our product team liked this idea.
We have moved your request to Forem’s Github Discussions where the community can better collaborate with our product and engineering teams. You can read more about the decision to use Github Discussions in this post.

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You can see all your drafts by sorting by Recently Published

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Bob Fornal

Hmm. You can. I’ll start using that option more. Thanks for the insight.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

+1 for more content filters everywhere!

@bobfornal this is on my holiday wishlist for this year ☺️

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Michael Tharrington

This is a really cool idea and echoes some of the thoughts I've heard about improving Reading Lists too.