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Ben Halpern

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One cool thing about private forems.

Some folks have expressed interest in having Forems that are not fully "open for registration", and the functionality for that is already available. Forems can both be invite-only as well as fully private from public reading as well.

One really cool thing this enables is that every single user of the forem can be "trusted" which can adjust the algorithm for less need to account for anti-spam, anti-abuse, or generally unhelpful content (even if unintended)...

For smaller forems where everyone is operating under trust mechanisms outside of what admins of the forem have to deal with, it will bring about opportunities to adjust the functionality such that there may be less need for quality assurance and broad usefulness of certain kinds of content.

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I really like the invitation ethos. I'd be happy with the socials plus a big button that says 'not on social? then request an invite and allowing members to just invite others, maybe through a reminder to help the growth along a bit.

Allow members to invite other members #9348

As part of the new invite devise functionality, for smaller communities it would be great if we could allow members to invite new members. I was thinking of clearly displaying this to them either in the feed or the sidebar as a quick action, just fill the field in for email and name inline with the element and then hit send, as turnkey as possible.



A request invitation button #9344

This feature request is related to PR #9294

I think a really cool addition to this would be a simple 'request an invite' button someone after a visitor clicks on 'more sign in options'. Maybe that then renders a simple for requesting email address and some other details?