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Where does bin/start-pgbouncer come from?

I am trying to self-host using AWS. It's taking quite a bit of work but I am very close now.

I was checking the Procfile to check the correct manner of starting the application. The full line looks like this:

web: bin/start-pgbouncer bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb
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And here is the problem: start-pgbouncer doesn't exist. Is it specific of Heroku? Executing only bin/bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb seems to work but I am not sure if this is ok. Can I simply skip the start-pgbouncer?

PS. I created a pipeline to deploy automatically from my fork of the repo. I managed to run Elastic Search in a t2.micro instance. I think some would really appreciate this information. I will write the details when I make it run fully.

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Hi @alvarolab , start-pgbouncer is specific to Heroku, the whole Procfile kinda is.

It can be found in the Heroku pgbouncer buildpack.

You can skip it if you don't need it :)

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脕lvaro Hurtado Moch贸n

I was using Procfile as a reference.
Anyway, I thought I was close... not really. I started over using containers. Let's see if this time I am luckier.