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Any freelancer to deploy Forem in Digital Ocean?

Hi there!

I tried to deploy Forem in AWS in the past. After a couple of weeks of trying hard, I gave up. Since then, my idea of a community is frozen but still alive!

I am wondering, is there anybody willing to do a clean deployment for me in Digital Ocean? I am willing to pay for it even though my budget is limited.

When I say a clean deployment, I mean:

  • Data is stored in a database, not in a local droplet.

  • Static data, specially the images uploaded by users are stored properly, not within droplets.

  • I can update easily when Forem updates keep coming in.

I tried before with someone from Fiverr but I basically wasted my money: when the project run, it was constantly throwing console errors; after a few weeks, it just stopped working.

Anyone up for some extra cash? Thanks anyway!

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