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Why can't I create my Forem account

akhil profile image Akhil Naidu ・1 min read

I was able to have an instance of production in Heroku, but for some reason, I was not able to create the super_admin account using the start page.

Is there any other way, using which I can create super_admin account?

You can check the production instance here: click here


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@akhil : have you checked the logs? IIRC you can find them in the dashboard or access them via the heroku CLI:

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Akhil Naidu Author

Yeah, I check it, the problem lies over configuring bonsai elastic search; I'm referring their documentation for better understanding of how the BONSAI_URL works.

As the elastic search was not detecting(by default), I'm actually trying to create an 'elasticsearch.rb' initialiser in config/initilizer/elasticsearach.rb

My trial right now was to force ELASTICSEARCH_URL environment variable to a public cluster rather than a local:9200.

If you have any suggestion, I would be glad to check those too.

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You don't need an initializer, Elasticsearch is initialized with ELASTICSEARCH_URL, by pointing that to an external server you can run it with a managed installation of the search server. By default it points to localhost:9200 as you noticed. Have a look at .env_sample, it contains the variables we use.

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I think I originally did this by looking at the roles in the schema and created them from there rather than in the UI. That was way back though.