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Akhil Naidu
Akhil Naidu

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Issue: GIF as cover PIC

Update: Issue resolved, the issue is related to GIF size and sometimes because of GIF Width and Height (most probably, prefer a GIF of landscape type)

The cover pic was a GIF

GIF in Post also return error


Probable reason

Within imgproxy there is some issue, because I can view the image in the draft and the preview screen. This tell me that there is no problems with uploading and cropping, so it should be related to fetching.

Another reason; Why I think it is related to imgproxy.

Leeawrdslope is a Forem based community, but not using the traditional self-hosting guide. It is based on dokku and doesn't use imgproxy; for image caching and resizing we are using Cloudinaries Immaga Plugin.

Here is a post on Leewardslope, which holds a GIF as cover picture.

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Christina Gorton

Hey @akhil . I commented on the issue you posted in the self-host repo. I think this might be an issue with your specific gif. I can get gif cover images working on both and

I did want to leave one other thought.
I know on we have had communities members report articles that have a gif as a cover image. This is because for people with vestibular disorders they are unable to view articles with continually playing gifs that they have no ability to stop the play on.
Something to consider when you are creating articles with moving cover images.

We have discussed this internally and in our forem repo.
You can see 2 open issues below:
Disable gif autoplay

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Akhil Naidu

Hey rather than inspecting GIF cover pic in draft, publish it => to see a broken cover pic.

Also, I will check with few other GIFs and update this comment accordingly.

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Akhil Naidu

In my few tests, I realised that the issue was not related to all GIFs and is specific to few GIF categories.

  1. Large Size
  2. Portrait