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Akhil Naidu
Akhil Naidu

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What would be the best Heroku Tier for launching Forem

Till now I tried to launch a production Forem in VPS(Digital Ocean Droplet) but actually failed and shifted to Heroku.

Finally, I was able to configure all the environment variables in Heroku and able to have a successful production Forem.

But facing a small issue, I would like to take suggestions from the experienced.

My Heroku Configuration

So, for you to have a glimpse of how I was able to do that, here are some important steps I followed.

  1. I was using Elastic Search from Elastic Cloud
  2. Using Redis from Redis Cloud
  3. Datadog and Honeybadger API's
  4. Postgresql Database hosted in Cloudcluster
  5. PG and Datadog build packs in Heroku
  6. Configured every possible Environment Variable from .emv_sample

So, I guess, now you would be a bit more familiar with what I'm trying to do. I am trying to use Heroku as a core server and attaching all the other services (Like ElasticSearch, Redis, PostgreSQL Database; Hosted in the cloud, through another service provider)and attaching them using the Environment Variables.

My Issue

It's all good, but I came across an error 500, (Internal Error). So I have quickly gone through the error log and realised that it was an error due to ** Memory Quota Exceeded **

Error in Browser
Error in Browser
Error log in Heroku
Error Log

So, I would like you to suggest me the best Heroku Tier to choose?

  1. Hobby?
  2. Standard 01?
  3. Standard 02?

If it requires more than this, I can't afford in Heroku xD xD
Wating for your comment :)

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Akhil Naidu • Edited

Currently I'm planning to

  1. Use standard 2 tier in Heroku
  2. Expandable Digital Ocean VPS, for Redis, Elasticsearch, and PostgreSQL Database. (Hosting them individually with different service providers is a pain to maintain, as my Forem is for personal usage and I'm the only one to maintain it)

If any suggestions, please let me know.

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Ben Halpern

You’ll need standard 2 in general, but we’re working on lessening the resource needs across the board. Good luck, and keep up with updates so we can help this be more successful over time.

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Chris Pluta

What is the expected RAM needed? Our site seems to hover between 1.5-2gig. When we launched with Standard 2 it was extremely sluggish, so we needed to bump it to a Preformance-M.

SideKiq is on a Standard 1 without any issues it seems.