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A small request to all the t2d script users

Akhil Naidu
I am an Engineering Physics graduate from IIT Guwahati, but merely not restricted to Physics itself. In the past few years, I involved in many Cybersecurity blogging and now on Open-source.
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Hello Friend! 不不

Ok, I'll now stop pretending like Mr Robot

Anyways, rather than commenting on this repeatedly in every related post, I thought of making a reference post.

It is up to you to choose whether to use t2d script or official Forem self-hosting guide. It is up to your discretion and comfort, but if you are using t2d script to install Forem =>, there are few things to keep in mind.

What is t2d

t2d means Talk to Dokku; it is in no way related to Official Forem or Forem Self Host. I wrote this script to self-host applications like Forem, WordPress, Ghost, OpenVPN, Commento, and a few others.

All the mentioned applications will be installed in your own VPS via dokku. You can find more information about dokku here.

t2d and Forem

I love Forem , not just as software, but ideologically it always complimented my views and visions, so the support for Forem via t2d script will always persist.

To quickly confirm whether it is working or not, visit this link; this is my own Forem Instance based on the t2d script.

When using t2d, Always keep this in mind

As it is a personally managed script, please, don't expect out of the box support from the official Forem Team. The team members are highly supportive and will try to help individual cases, but they might not be familiar with all the aspects of the t2d script.

I repeat this again and again, t2d is a script that => I personally manage.

Way Forward

So, let's make things easier for all the parties. As a user of the t2d script, you might need some additional support rather than Forem's support => I will do my best to help you if it is related to the t2d script.

So, while requesting help, make it clear with the use of tags. I would suggest you include the tag: t2d along with your tags.

This way, I will be notified to respond to your requests and also, it will help Forem team members to distinguish. This way, you and other t2d script users will have a collection of posts to refer to.

In short, while requesting help, make it clear with the use of tags. I would suggest you include the tag: t2d along with your tags.

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Ella Ang (she/her/elle)

Thanks for clarifying this, @akhil ! I agree that the #t2d tag will be helpful for everyone.