local Forem Instance to Production level Instance in Heroku or VPS

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After several trials in various operating systems with a different way of installation procedures, finally, I was able to install Forem in my local machine.

  1. Linux + Docker combination is a hassle-free installation.

  2. Windows with WSL with the documentation is also pretty good.

  3. Mac + Docker is easy peasy.

Now I have a local instance, but pushing it to Heroku is not an easy task; I was encountering a lot of errors.

So I decided to look over the complete documentation of Forem before pushing it to Heroku. During this process, I learned a lot about rails and foreman and found some interesting points which might have a reason for the failure of production Forem instance.

  1. Almost all env variables are essential.
  2. Addons like Redis, ElasticSearch, Postgres are crucial.

Noting these developments, I restarted my trials to push my development local instance to Heroku for a production instance but failed 😑.

I am not a developer and not sure what I am missing here, and if anyone can suggest to me how to proceed to the next phase, please guide me through it.


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We're definitely lacking the docs to give good guidance here.

  • How about we pledge to circle back with some good instructions :)

The moment I saw this reply from you, Ben, I was attached to my chair and keyboard -I was typing some reply, then erasing back to first and rethinking how to reply to this.

I realized that I don't have any words; I would be waiting for that documentation 😇.


I searched in Docs but failed to find any. Can I have an update on this?


Do you want to drop some of the errors / issues you are facing in this thread and I’ll see what I can help with?