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My customization problem

Hello! As the IT Director for the International Quidditch Association we are incredibly excited about the prospect of using forem to build our community. But as a I see it, there are a few areas that would need to be customized to be useful for us.

One major area is the user profile. There are varying levels of involvement within the community and almost no one "works" (most people are volunteers) so having work as an attribute doesn't make a lot of sense. Here are all of the potential users within our community:

  • New player, not affiliated with a team.
  • Player, affiliated with a team.
  • Player, volunteers with a team.
  • Player/Coach, plays on one team but coaches a different team.
  • Non-playing coach
  • Non-playing team volunteer
  • Non-playing national volunteer
  • Non-playing international volunteer
  • Referee, national only
  • Referee, international
  • Former player/volunteer
  • Never played fan
  • Media analyst

As a member of the community I would want to know all of the another member's affiliations. A non-zero amount of people have upwards of 5 of these affiliations at any given time.

We also would look to change some of the open text fields (Skills/Languages, My projects and hacks, and I'm getting into) to more closely fit aspects of our community. Stuff like positions played, formerly played sports, community interests (i.e. gameplay, analysis, marketing, event planning, youth involvement), and more would be more appropriate.

Outside of the user profile another major concern is the potential of sponsors. For legal reasons it is tricky for the IQA to have sponsors at all. I would love to be able to customize which pages are shown, and the order they are shown in.

Do others need this level of customization? What are some of the concerns arounds these issues, let's discuss!

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Ben Halpern


We are currently working to get all of these fields 100% customizable. This will ship soon. So you'll be able change these profile fields and open text fields to the ones most relevant to your community!

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Alexis Moody

Yay!! (I figured y'all had something in the works, just wanted to call out my community's specific complexity)

Will there be similar customization tools for pages?

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Ben Halpern

Our online conference CodeLand was entirely done through customization and no new code in the codebase...

So yeah, tons of customization...

Some of this depends on what you mean by pages we have a literal concept called "pages" in the app so depending on whether you mean by that. :)

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Alexis Moody

Gotcha, yea I think I'd love to read up a bit on the pages workflow to get a better idea of the capabilities there. I'd also be happy to work on documentation as I learn more, if that would be helpful.

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Looking forward to this! 😎