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Custom Organization Profile

Over at the IQA Forem we have a large amount of organizations with diverse goals, histories, and use cases. These organizations will range anywhere from college teams and research groups to equipment manufacturers and the IQA itself. Because of the varying needs of these organizations we would love to have the ability to customize the organization profile, similar to the user profile config that has been worked on recently.

Generalize specific user's profile fields #6994

We have several fields in the User model that are specific to developers, like currently_hacking_on, or work-related ones, like employment_title or employer_name.

The fields are:

  • set up on the user's profile form (app/views/users/_profile.html.erb)
  • displayed on the user's profile page (app/views/users/_sidebar.html.erb)
  • displayed on the article sidebar: (app/views/articles/_user_metadata.html.erb)

We may want to make the fields that are set by a user and displayed on the user's and article's pages.

We would need to remove the developer specific fields like 'our stack', add more social links, and add longer text fields to include mission/values and organization history. But I can also envision fields for things like a founding date or areas for identifying leadership. Are there any other organization heavy Forems though? As much as I would love to customize the profile I wouldn't want us to be the only ones that use/need it.

I'd love to hear more thoughts!

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