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Are all built-in assets redistributable?

I noticed the following sentences in the Forem docs:

  • We use the Joystick font by Neale Davidson and Pixel Sagas for the DEV Logo. We have a commercial license.
  • We use EmojiOne icons from JoyPixels. We have a commercial license.

Do they suggest that a part of material is not expected or potentially unsafe to use outside the official repo, or their rights are already cleared that I can put my modified source code in an open repo strictly under AGPL?

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Ben Halpern

Hey, sorry about this β€” It's actually out of date. This is a notice we put out very early in the process of generalizing Forem while more things were hardcoded and these assets have since been removed.

In diving into this to be sure, we did discover that there are still a few graphics incidentally still present deep in the code. We will have these promptly removed along with the outdated documentation to ensure we have this sewn up.

If your curious, the icons that actually do ship within Forem now are Remixicon and Twemoji which are Apache 2 and MIT respectively.