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Add abuse indicator

Feature request

Add abuse indicator.

Please describe your feature request

Add abuse indicator to help users respond to complaints from other users in time to fix the problem on their own.


An indicator to help users respond to complaints from other users.

Why is it needed?

It would be nice if the user could see an indicator on his post, comment, etc., that someone has complained about that post.
This would allow the user to quickly edit or delete the post without involving DEV staff.

Suggested solution(s)

Abuse indicator icon and text.
For example: πŸ– Abuse (3) means that three people complained about the post.

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Top comments (3)

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Ben Halpern

This is interesting. It seems like a feature which could potentially be used to abused itself, so implementation would need a lot of thoughtfulness if we were to add something like this.

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I don't think this function is more dangerous than others in terms of abuse. It's just a request for the user to obtain his data. Furthermore, as far as I understand, this is one of the requirements of GDPR.

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Sorry, thought your comment was referring to my other feature request about being able to download the data.

By the way, what could be the danger of the abuse indicator?