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Connection Refused

I'm trying to run Forem locally using docker on a Macbook M1 but am getting the following error on firing the command bin/container-setup

Problem with dial: dial tcp connect: connection refused. Sleeping 20s

I'm looking forward to make some contributions, so please help me figure out this issue so that I can run locally.

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Christina Gorton

Hey @vivek7405 ! Thank you for wanting to contribute to Forem!

I am going to try to help you debug this error. I have a few suggestions but first can you send a screenshot of the full output from when you started the setup containers script to when you saw the connection error. This will help us see if there were any other earlier errors and make it easier to give you the right suggestions to fix this issue. Thanks! 🙏

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Issam Sultan

Hello @coffeecraftcode !
I am having the same issue as Vivek - can you kindly assist and let me know how to resolve this issue. This link has a screenshot of terminal output

Thank you,

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Issam Sultan • Edited

Hello again!

Based on the above I took the following steps (keep in mind I am still running on macOS Catalina v 10.15.7 with xcode 12.4 / pwd /Users//Tutorial/forem/local/forem):

  1. When trying to upgrade my version of ruby to v.3.0.2 - got the following error: "Xcode version older than 4.6.2 installed, download and install newer version from: After installation open Xcode, go to Downloads and install Command Line Tools."
  2. To fix above error - had to manually download and install Command Line Tools for Xcode 12.4 from
  3. Then at terminal ran the following command rvm install ruby-3.0.1
  4. Then ran the following command gem install bundler:2.2.22
  5. Then ran the following command bin/container-setup

But still getting an error (see screen shot - any assistance will be highly apperciated. As I wish to run Forem locally in order to see how it works and if it is the right fit for us.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

I wish to run Forem locally in order to see how it works and if it is the right fit for us.

Hey @issam - welcome to!

For Forem Self-host, we recommend you follow the self-host guide, and can only offer troubleshooting support for this version of Forem installation.

The installation guide at is intended for contributing developers, rather than for functioning Forems. You won't have the same experience using a development installation of Forem, and it probably won't give you an accurate reflection of how a cloud-based Forem instance will function.

We recommend using one of the methods described in the self-host guide, and setting your Forem to be a private Forem to test it out.