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Takuya N
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๐Ÿชต @tnir April 2022 Changelog Rollup ๐ŸŒฏ

After some small contributions in Mar 2022, you might see their "113 contributions in 2022 in forem" at the Profile filtered with org=forem for the month:

tnir (Takuya N) ยท GitHub

Cloud Native Ambassador (@cncf) / @gitlabhq Core, omnibus-gitlab, pandas, @docker Machine, Gunicorn, Celery flower, @django, unbound Docker - tnir


include 32 PRs and 13 issues:
32 PRs

Through the contributions I made, Forem is rediscovered as a nice platform for developers.

Leave comments if you find something around my contributions as I am focusing on this issue forem/forem#17645.


@ellativity just published their article of this month at @foremteam:

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