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How to add "coding" , "work" form to user profile page

Thanks to the developers of forem, my community has been running for 21 days. My community members really like forem!

I see that is different from mine, I tried to set these options but I couldn't find the switch

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @tmedivh, welcome to and congratulations on getting your Forem up and running!

You ask a really great question, and I'm excited to tell you that the answer will be fully revealed in a forthcoming feature update.

The profile questions on are legacy questions that were bundled with early Forem installations. These early Forems were more like forks from the DEV community codebase than the current Forem installation.

We generalized the profile questions last year, but we didn't remove the questions from existing Forems because people had already filled out their answers to them. It felt like bad UX to suddenly remove this data from everyone's profiles.

Instead, we've allowed the older Forems to keep the profile fields while new Forem installations just don't have them. We don't want new Forems to be locked into the legacy questions that you see on DEV and before we launch the custom fields.

If you can hold out a little longer, we are working really hard to get this feature set ready for release and then you'll be able to have any profile fields you want to!

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Ok , cool ~
❤️ thanks for your reply