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Thomas Bnt
Thomas Bnt

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Forem : A place to meet around the fire

Having the Forem extension on Chrome, I wondered if it could be used to synchronize websites using Forem and categorize them in "Discover" mode.

Our account would simply allow us to better find ourselves in the websites where we have already registered. A kind of inter-connection that brings together several communities.

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Ben Halpern

Yup! We’d just want to do it in a way that respects the independence of each Forem and lets this be additive behavior.

Can you go into further detail of what you’re envisioning?

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Thomas Bnt

A listing of Forems on a single page.
Every Forem can activate or deactivate the option to showed or not. Freedom.
Every Forem have a title, a logo, a main category (Example : design, games), a short description about him.

For the section of Sync of a account, he could be great to ONLY save websites who your account is subscribed.

And hoh, another idea πŸ’‘ !
All notifications is centralized on But .. is centralized, not the best solution of course.

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I meet my friends and sometimes even my employees to play games. Very comfortable and easy to talk to. And thanks to the website you can buy games very cheaply.

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