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Enable webmentions

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Hi, the GitHub issue mentioned to start a discussion here instead.

I think there are two options:

  • anytime someone reacts to a post, send an official webmention to the webmention api.


I'm new to Forem so feel free to provide feedback on which tags I should use here, etc.

Discussion (2)

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I think there are a bunch of cool ways webmentions could be integrated!

One place to start might be like, sending outgoing webmentions where possible. Notifying people when their content is being discussed on a Forem instance seems cool

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Ahh, whoops, looks like the discussion has definitely moved past this -- just catching up with the Github reading. Anyway, I'm just weighing in with enthusiasm as a webmention-enabled website-owner who would definitely like to syndicate some stuff this way if this gets going. :)