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Openresty constantly crashes

I set up Forem on an AWS t2.micro instance. Unfortunately I noticed the forem giving 502 Bad Gateway periodically. First I thought it was some bug, but when I checked on the server, it turned out to be openresty restarting automatically.

I wonder if this could be fixed in a larger instance that has more advanced performance than t2.micro. Could anyone help?

By the way, as a beginner, I got a few questions here:

  • In what manner does the production build (i.e. the forem instance running on aws) return language content to the frontend? Since Forem does not provide language support other than English or French, and I can't wait for this, seriously, I'd like to translate it on my own, but could not figure out how to put it in use, even in a dirty way.
  • How to customize the fonts? It's so weird that Forem itself provided some fonts and has no customization option for this :(

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Yep - This is more than likely rails running out of ram! 2GB is min imho, I think 4 is recommended officially..