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Khadija Sidhpuri
Khadija Sidhpuri

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The possibility of adding user made color themes

Currently there are five amazing color themes that users can choose from. I was wondering if we could have a feature that let's users configure their custom color themes and have a way to share it publicly so that other users can use it as well, sort of like an extension. It definitely isn't a must have feature, but seems like a fun feature that users can play around with and a way for organizations to create brand specific themes.

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Ben Halpern

Yes, absolutely. The ability to make Forems more distinct is necessary to provide character to the ecosystem.

There are difficulties with how much freedom we can/want to provide while also allowing the system to continuously evolve.

We have one core style option with the main brand color which affects links/etc. In order to provide more distinction it's probably a matter of baby steps to add to the customization interface. It would be good to ship this soon to give folks something new they can see.

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Khadija Sidhpuri

Yeah, definitely. More and more communities using Forem will lead to a situation with several instances looking alike. Setting up a more nuanced customization interface to change style themes and the like will be a huge feature for more communities adopting Forem.