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Any guideline or tip on a self-hosted production deployment?

I'm not a rails pro and have been looking for a open-source forum project for quite a while. Recently i found forem and built up successfully a local dev instance. This project is really cool and i think it suits my needs very well.

But when i started to deploy a online production instance, i found that there were almost no guidelines or tips on this topic. As far as I know, a lot of websites have already been set up online and run for a long time, e.g.,,, so the dev team should already have good experience on setting up a new production instance. Maybe the official team thinks that the project is still not mature enough or the set-up steps are too difficult, but what i want to say is that this is a little confusing, since

  • From beginning we know exactly this project will keep in dev status for long time. Even if the official production-ready version is released, bugs are still inevitable. Anyone who tries to build up websites based on this project already knows and is prepared to take that risk.
  • If the set-up steps are really difficult for developers (like me) without professional skills, we would learn some basic skills and ask for help in forums. It's very embarrassing that no official guidelines are provided, no matter how difficult they are.

Maybe I just missed some other important reasons, but I would appreciate it if some official guidelines could be provided, since i met lots of errors when trying to deploy a production instance. Perhaps another project Flarum can be referred, it has been in beta phase for quite a while, but it's still very popular because detailed guidelines on online set-up are provided.

Finally I would thank the dev team for bringing such an amazing project and i personally respect every choice your team made. I
will keep on tracking this project.

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Akhil Naidu

I can relate your emotions xD

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Thanks :) It would be better if the dev team could, too!