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Launch your betting business with advanced technology in Dream11 clone script


Sports betting is a million-dollar industry and the demand for online betting platforms is growing every day. This blog will give you reasons why developing a betting app like dream11 is a profitable business venture. With a well-designed user-friendly interface, rewards and increased customer loyalty is helpful to achieve your goals.

Which is the best sports betting app to develop?

Dream11 is a fantasy sports app is the best app for fans or players of cricket or any other sports. The replica of dream11 is developed as a fantasy sports clone app, it has the exact same features and functionality as the fantasy sports app. This allows players to create a virtual team with actual players and take part in various contests. The sports betting software gives real-time updates during the match and their positions in the leaderboard. Dream11 clone app development includes creating an app that is customizable, secure, and user-friendly to meet business needs.

Fill your pockets by launching a dream11-like online betting app
As business owners, everyone thinks about the revenue-generating ways that are included in sports betting software. Similar to any other betting app, dream11 clone software also has several benefits that can fill your pocket. Thus investing in this online betting industry has immense potential to create a profitable business segment for you.

Contest commissions:

A contest commission is deducted from every player's payment after the contest. The remaining is shared among the participants as a reward.

Generate additional income

Many players are recently signing up to play in the sports betting app like dream11. With a large user base, you can earn additional income by developing this platform.

Premium features

The sports betting app similar to dream11 offers premium features apart from the basic ones. Players have to pay extra to access these and this is revenue for you.

Multiple revenue streams

The dream11 clone platform also live streams many cricket tournaments and they can charge a subscription fee. Tie-up fees and merchandise collections also yield revenue.

In-app ads

Having a tie-up with a third party and playing the ads of their products or services also generate huge revenue.

Multiple games on one platform

Sports betting app like dream11 supports football, baseball, basketball and other sports apart from cricket. Therefore this attracts many users and increases revenue.

Look out for these features in sports betting app

Features shape the entire sports betting app. Having many features that are useful for players, they stick to the app for playing contests. Therefore including the features that are listed below is very important.

Admin features:

User management: Admins can manage their user accounts and verify the details of the users to approve or dismiss the account.

Manage payments: Payment management is handled by admins to track transactions or any pending payment-related issues.

Content management: The content on the dream11 software can be managed by admins like news articles, FAQs and others.

Customer support: Customer service is an important part of any software, the admin has to resolve the issue of the players.

Analytics and report: Various reports and analytics are related to the software performance like user behavior and revenue.

Marketing tools: With the help of marketing tools like referral programs, discounts, and promotions to retain the players or users.

Player features

Easy sign-up/login: The players can register on the sports betting app and create their accounts using their credentials.

Create and join leagues: They can create their own leagues or join the ones that already exist that can be either public or private.

Participate in contests: Users can participate in various contests and win prizes depending on their performance.

Withdraw winnings: After completing the game, the winner can withdraw their winnings to their bank accounts.

Social media integration: The players can sign-up and login to their social media accounts and share their accomplishments.

Refer and earn: Users can make use of this refer and earn the opportunity to earn a profit by inviting their friends to the app.

Primary features

Live streaming: Users have the option to view live streaming of matches directly from the clone app.

Leaderboards: Leaderboards are added in the dream11 clone app so that users can view their tanking among other players in the contests.

AI-powered insights: AI-powered insights give more accurate information about the game to make better-informed decisions.

Chatbot integration: Chatbot integration is for the support and assistance for the users to exchange any technical doubts or anything in general.

Multiple sports: The dream11 clone app supports betting for multiple sports like cricket, football, table tennis, basketball, and more.

Virtual betting: With the help of virtual currency users can bet on the outcomes of matches or leagues.

Predictions: Players can make predictions for the outcomes of the matches and also earn rewards if they win.

Social betting: Users can create and take part in social betting pools with their family or friends.

Additional features of dream11 clone app

Here are some of the additional features that in included in the dream11 clone app:

  • Ticketing system
  • GPS tracking
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Update settings
  • Ads management
  • Secure transactions
  • Bonus points
  • Email remainders
  • CMS management

How to develop a sports betting app like dream11?

The sports betting app like dream11 development is most effective despite considering their critical elements. This platform offers different types of sports and gives multiple levels of engagement. Therefore considering these factors before developing the betting app is necessary for a superior end-user experience.

  1. Market research
  2. Technology stack
  3. Employ dedicated sports betting app service provider
  4. Prototype development
  5. Development and testing
  6. Launch
  7. Deployment

Solutions a service provider should offer for the dream11 clone app development

The crypto-integrated sports betting app developed should offer white-label solutions and many others listed below for your betting business.

  1. White label solution
  2. Turnkey solution
  3. Reliable product
  4. Effective admin dashboard
  5. Native mobile apps (iOS, Android, Web apps)
  6. Economical

Which is the best service provider for sports betting app development like dream11?

Alphasports tech is a leading developer of Dream11 clone script that will help your business to naturally strive the success like dream11. Their team has the expertise to identify the comprehensive factors of what a business needs and a player. The dream11 clone script offers exciting features and benefits to retain the players or users. They also offer web3 integrated clone script and white-label solutions that allow entrepreneurs to launch the sports betting app quickly.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, the development of sports betting app like dream11 provides a great opportunity for businesses to tap into the expanding sports betting market. It gives you an additional revenue path with many revenue-generating modules added to the clone script. Get started with this growing trend and capitalize on your betting business.

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