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Saravanan Ramupillai
Saravanan Ramupillai

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Option to upload the attachments on behalf of user using API-Key

Hi, I am maintaining rich-text editor for writing dev blogs easier (similar to medium) for those who find hard to write markdown like me.

As of now it just converts written text into markdown and allow users to paste it in devblogs draft page.

I feel it is hard to swap here and there to publish a post. So I thought to make a use of dev api on behalf of user to create and publish the blogs.

The only thing missing is that ability to upload images for a created article using api.

If i get this api, it will be awesome to full fill my requirement for seemless blog creation for and i will publish the brand new editor for that will help 1000s.

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Andrew Bone

Each user would have to supply their own API key. Here're the docs. That being said slate looks really cool and maybe there's a discussion to be had about integrating it straight into Forem.

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