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Self-hosting and Codebase Usage

Hi everyone,

I am planning on launching a community. What's the purpose of signing up on the airtable, when I can just use the codebase from GitHub? Also to what degree can I customize the frontend and design. Can I make my community look completely different from other forem communities?

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Christina Gorton

Hey Ricky. Thanks for the question. Internally we are working on better documentation around self-hosting. We know this is an area currently really lacking in our documentation.

Someone else on the team might be able to hop on to give you a little more information on the specific questions you asked but wanted to let you know this is an area we have a current plan to improve.

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Thank you, Christina! Yeah, I would really appreciate it if someone from Forem can hop on and help answer my specific questions. It would be cool if I can get a contact email to someone who might be able to answer those questions as well.