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Feature Request: Improve Post creation/edition on


I love but the post creator/editor is ultra basic. To facilitate authors job it will be great if when we create a post we can have access to a toolbar, shortcut or any other helpers. Also it will be great some kind of syntax validation.

Also when we find an error/typo we can do in-place editing (in preview mode). For now when we click edit the editor load and we go back to the top of the document and need to search the error/typo in our text. It made corrections very long and fastidious.

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Michael Tharrington


I do know that we have plans to return to our editor in the future to make various upgrades and I like your thoughts here. 😀

Just jumping off of some of what ya wrote:

  • editor toolbar - I know we had this scoped previously but had to put it on pause. It was our plan to offer bold, italics, and other styling options that would be clickable via a toolbar. I know we had some other ideas too, but this is still being conceptualized.

  • syntax validation - this seems like a cool idea. I think it'd also be cool if code blocks had a little copy button or something. I'm honestly not a dev, so won't speak on this particular feature too much. 😅

  • editing from preview mode - I think this might work even better if we just offered a fully WYSIWYG experience. Right now, we offer two editor options available from /settings/customization : Basic Markdown & Rich + markdown. I think it'd be nice to keep Basic Markdown as basic as can be (i.e. the preview page is still separate from the editor) but upgrade Rich + markdown to be fully WYSIWYG. This way you cater to folks who enjoy the rawness of MD, but also give people the option for a straightforward experience where they can see exactly what their article will look like while editing. To your point about the current experience, I do think that it'd be nice if clicking between preview and MD didn't jump you back up to the top of the page — it should stay where you are in the doc.

But yeah, I really like your ideas here — thanks for sharing!

As a side note to this discussion, you may be interested in this project where a DEV community member is building an upgraded editor. 🙂