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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes
Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

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PayPal integration?

Anyone working on integrating PayPal to Forem? I live in a country where Stripe Atlas is the only option to get a Stripe account.

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Ben Halpern

This is not currently a priority, but I can definitely say that we do not want to be tightly coupled to something like Stripe, so in some way in the future payment integrations should definitely be broadened.

I think our ideal is to fully make this pluggable β€” but PayPal is popular enough that it could, at some point, make sense to expand the options without going entirely generalized.

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

Is there anyone working on integrating PayPal or other payment integrations? I could probably work on it during weekends.

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cronlabspl • Edited

This is not currently a priority

Whats wrong with you team? People asks for certain feature, so, instead of saying that this is not currently priority ( hey seriously, roadmap maybe ?? ), just get your ass seated, code what you are asked for, push it to repo, instead of bitching around!

What the fuck?



I could probably work on it during weekends.

If you know ins and outs, than go ahead

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