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Ability to sponsor authors directly

There are lots of awesome authors in that I would love to support their writing. It would be awesome if readers have option to support the authors they love directly and to reward quality content. Are there any plans to implement such feature directly or through some integrations with other services like patreon or github sponsors.

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This is an interesting idea. I think giving your fav authors a follow and leaving positive comments of encouragement on their posts is a good start.

Another idea is to integrate Dev/Forem profiles with BAT/Brave. Currently, while using the Brave browser, you are able to tip users on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit and GitHub.

Brave tipping

Personally I think integrating Brave tipping with Forem would be really awesome. Would love to hear some other ideas for tipping/sponsoring individual authors.

Also Reddit is experimenting with their own tipping/reward token called MOON, currently only available for the r/CryptoCurrency sub. I've also been testing the reward token for Decrypt which is currently in beta. They have some interesting ideas as well.

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Ben Halpern

I think the answer to a lot of this is integrations...

We already allow individual users to add a payment pointer to their profile for integration with Coil, etc. (shout out to the web monetization community built on Forem) and I think there's more we can do down this direction as well.

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Coil looks very interesting, I will be testing it out! Sounds similar to how Brave works but I really like that an individual only needs to install the Coil browser extension and create a wallet in order to start paying out monetized websites. I wish the entire web was wired this way.

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Uchi Uchibeke • Edited

Thank you @ben and @ildi .

There's more to coming from Coil to unlock many new use cases and earning potentials on the web and to remove the dependency on Coil's extension.

  • We introduced Rafiki which will make it easy for any Dev to build a Wallet, an extension like the Coil extension, or a feature like tipping with Interledger
  • As part of our community program, we will start sharing updates and dev-focused monetization and interledger content on

Happy to chat!