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Paulo Silveira
Paulo Silveira

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I18n as a lambda function or source regex

Hi everyone

We are deploying a forem instance in another language. Since the i18n issue will take sometime in such big and important project, we have two options (hacks?) to tackle it:

  • Use a lambda function (or something else) on top of CloudFront and then regex keywords, phrases and so on. Since JS/CSS comes minified, it could be easy to avoid any wrong match (translating a css class, for instance)
  • Regex the entire source code before each deploy in a simple bash script during CI/CD.

We do not need a perfect translation, just the main pages to help our users.

I think forking is not an option: it would create a huge merge every single time.

What do you say?


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Ben Halpern

I suspect the best scenario is mostly to start getting the i18n story further along. We have the foundation in place and are ready to start improvements.

I’m quite fond of the edge compute idea, but in this case I think we’d be better off enabling folks to more easily solve the problem within the app.

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Joao Torres

Hey! This is my first post and came straight to this one as a multi-language community is what we'd be looking into launching so translations would be a top priority.

How's this i18n story going? And actually do you have anything on top of the github issues on the repo? Or when you say "story" do you mean "github issues"? :)

Or also, if there's a "intro guide" to contributing with the Forem, I should probably take a look at it as well :)