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Do you plan to create a question and answer section like Stackoverflow or Quora?

Do you plan to create a question and answer section like stackoverflow or Quora? This innovation helps communities to ask questions and get answers, so a question and answer community can be created. The best answer should be selected and tags should be followed.

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Casey πŸ’Ž

Hey! Piggy backing off of Ben here - While this is not specifically a "feature" - it can be done with some moderation and a small work around.

Here's how I would set this up:
1) Create three tags
Help, Unsolved, Solved
2) When a question is asked, have the user add each tag: Help and Unsolved
3) Once the question is answer, the author or a moderator can remove the Unsolved tag and replace it with the Solved tag

As Ben stated, tags are your friend!

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Ben Halpern

The concept of linking to a Q/A area as shown in that cover pic is definitely interesting. As is the whole idea, of course.

I think the question is: What concepts do we create to allow for this? Any post can be a question, and we should definitely keep things simple and re-usable.

We also have tags, which help categorize content. We kind of use these as indications for Q/A, but it is a bit clunky.

There could be another spectrum of labeling a post as a "type", and then it would be easy enough to give it a section as well.

What we con't want is a bunch of knobs... But we do want a clear area for things that deserve to have a clear area. :)

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Ravi Krishnappa

Is there a document to see all the features of forem in production (as noticible in and top priority enhancements in the pipe line?

I know a bit about this effort in business applications. Developing a custom solution for a business unit and riding on its super success, trying to rewrite it make it generic for other business units to adapt.

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Muhammed Cetin

If the Forem team won't do that, because I need that feature for my project that I've been working on, I plan to send my codes with Pull Request on GitHub to Forem project.

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Ben Halpern


Let’s talk though. It needs to be cohesive.

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Tri Γ‚n

I think this is amazing