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Nishant Mittal
Nishant Mittal

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Shifting b/w containers

First of all congrats on finally making the Forem avalilable for everyone to host. I just had one doubt.

Is it possible to shift my Digitical Ocean Droplet after hosting a Forem?

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Michael Tharrington

Heyo! I'm passing the word on here from a more technical team member than myself. 😅

It's possible, definitely, but I don't believe it's documented. The process is the same as for about 99% of app migrations:

  • Get a snapshot of your current database and load it into the database on your target platform.
  • Copy all of your environment variables over to the new platform. Some will need tweaks for the new environment.

The hard part is that, even though the concepts are the same, the details vary by platform...

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Akhil Naidu

What do you mean by shift?; Migrate to another cloud service provider or something else?

It would be better if you can elaborate a bit more.

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Nishant Mittal

Yup, migrate to another cloud service. Or get a new instace of same provider.

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Akhil Naidu

Yes you can effectively migrate everything without any issues, but with few conditions.

  1. Your images should be hosted in s3 bucked
  2. You should take a backup of your postgres(using postgres dump)

Once you have these two, you can create a new forem in another cloud or even in any dedicated server. 1. 1. Then configure s3 ENV variable

  1. Use your postgres dump as new database.

If you are using dokku for your Forem, then backing up your postgres into your s3 bucket is piece of cake; In such cases there is no need to even worry about postgres dump.

What I was not mentioning about this migration.

  1. You need to re-configure your domain
  2. Not sure about your SEO
  3. can't assure you will have 100% uptime, may face downtime issues
  4. Both the postgres instances should be same version
  5. Should use the same domain name, you can change in once the migration was done