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Install on Rocky Linux 8.5 or openSUSE Leap 15.3

Hello, I'm new and in the process of searching for a forum I discovered FOREM listed here "11 Open-Source Forum Software That You Can Deploy on Your Linux Servers" and I will be self hosting and even though on Github Forem Self-Host is using Fedora CoreOS as an instructional install, it can also be successfully install on Rocky Linux OS and/or openSUSE Leap correct?

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @nasheayahu this sounds exciting! Welcome to the community πŸ‘‹

From what I understand our Systems team wrote in the Readme for the Self-Host Repo, it looks like you can indeed use both Rocky Linux and openSUSE (but not openSUSE Leap, as there is no systemd package available for it:

For those that want to DIY beyond the scope of this repo, you can use the systemd units in the Butane template as an example of how to run Forem without Fedora CoreOS on a Linux distribution that supports systemd, or customize that template to fit your needs or create a bootable Ignition configuration to consume on bare metal or in a custom VM.