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Michael Tharrington
Michael Tharrington

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Renaming things and broken links

As we've renamed our repo and are also changing our /internal tooling to /admin + changing /admin to /resource_admin, I just want to highlight that these name changes may cause URLs to be broken, which is confusing for folks.

If possible, we should announce these name changes clearly or set up redirects.

For example, a few users have written in to ask about how to access our API documentation. They expect it to live here - which redirects them to* (Page not found), when in fact the documentation lives here -

Is there a set process for making these changes and testing them after the fact?

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The PR for /internal to /admin is coming right up:

Redirect /internal to /admin #9716

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I noticed how a bunch of my bookmarks to Blazer queries are broken because they point to /internal which is now called /admin. Prompted also by @michael-tharrington's post here on I added redirections for the old /internal links.

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Andy Zhao

thaaaanks :D

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Andy Zhao

Oh oops that redirect is a bug to be fixed. Thanks for raising that.

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Ben Halpern

Lol at*