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Loren McIntyre
Loren McIntyre

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Signup flow: invisible links/elements (guessing game)

As I completed the sign-up process, I couldn't see many elements. e.g. clicking "agree" in the sentences about ToS and Community [Agreements] was indecipherable. Also checkboxes were not visible for email settings. Most-to-every page in the signup process caused some of this confusion. Attached screenshot of last page, email preferences.

I'm using Chrome-based Brave, all cookies enabled for the site (only Google Analytics blocked (sorry :/)). So I couldn't for example determine that a single stylesheet was missing.

I should probably also file this on GitHub...

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Paweł Ludwiczak

Hey, thanks for this report. It's strange and I don't know why that happens but I'm already tracking this down.

Seems like we somehow "process" one of the CSS files that is being served which makes it kinda "not working". I'm not an expert but it feels like something related to server configuration. I've already pinged folks internally to look at it.

I'll let you know when we fix it.