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Question re: Time to Read

Greetings all,
I have a question regarding the posts.
I noticed recently that the 'time to read' portion was stripped away.
I grew to like this.
Why was it removed?

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Daniel Uber

Hi @matt_c ,

I double checked and I am seeing the time to read in the bottom right corner of the post preview tiles on the feed pages (where you might find articles to read). I don't see it on the post content pages - it looks like that was removed in a recent pull request about a month ago, the surrounding comments point to cleaning up the post page layout as the reason for the change.

The reading time is still shown on the feed pages (and should be in previews in social links), only the post itself (after you've already visited it to start reading) lost this information (along with some other changes to tags and button placement).

post preview tile

post top section without read time

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Casey 💎

Thanks for investigating this, Dan! This is great information to know for all Forem creators :)